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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement and Updates

Update Wednesday April 29th

Great news Woodside! We will be meeting at at church this Sunday May 1st @ 10:30am....well at least in the parking lot of the Family Center. We will still be posting our Wednesday Devotionals online until further notice.

The rules are the same as they were for our last parking lot service:

1. Every one must stay in their vehicle.

2. Bathrooms are open for EMERGENCY only. If used, only one person at a time may enter.

3. Absolutely no physical contact with those outside your vehicle. Ex. Reaching out windows to shake hands or fist bump.

4. Parking directions will be given while standing at least 6 feet from cars. Offering will be collected with fishing nets with liners to avoid getting too close.

5. Cars will be parked with some space between them to meet distancing standards and to improve visibility. These rules MUST be followed or we can't continue to meet this way.

Also, please do not arrive before 10am. We need to direct all parking for this to work. Our parking attendants, ushers, and worship leaders will arrive at 9:45 to assist worshipers when they arrive. Those serving will practice social distancing.

Thank you and see you Sunday!

Update Monday April 6th

Gov. Henry McMaster has issued a statewide mandate for residents to stay home to limit the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak in South Carolina.

The executive order, “home or work order” is a mandate that states: “All South Carolinians must remain at home or work unless visiting family, exercising, or obtaining essential goods or services.” This order takes effect Tuesday April 7th at 5 pm.

In order to comply with this mandate we will be returning back to our online services until further notice.

Update Sunday March 22nd

To ensure the students of Greenville County Schools continue to receive healthy and nutritious meals during the time schools are closed in response to COVID-19, Greenville County Schools is providing breakfast and lunch free of charge to anyone 18 and younger (and special needs adults up to age 21) at 15 school locations and 66 community sites, including our church.

These meals are prepared in school facilities by trained Food and Nutrition Services Staff. All existing DHEC and FDA approved procedures for meal prep, storage, service, and sanitation will be observed.

Buses will be at our church parking lot between 10 AM and noon Monday through Friday to deliver meals (lunch and tomorrow’s breakfast). Parents and students will also have access to free Wi-Fi via the delivery bus hot spot during these hours.

Please note: Per USDA regulations, children must be present to receive the meals.

Dear Church Family,

All us were taken by surprise when our country was suddenly “shut down.” In a matter of hours we moved from life as normal to frantic searches for antiseptics and toilet paper. Then we had to face tough decisions like closing schools and church buildings.

However, I have good news! 

First, God was not taken by surprised by the events of the last few days. He has been prepared to lead us through this crisis before the creation of the world.

Second, while church buildings may close, THE church never does!

If you are a Christian, I hope you understand that we will have unique opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we journey through this crisis. We know the One who can help us through this (and any other) crisis. People are looking for hope, strength, and peace. All of those can be found in Jesus.

Until we can open the doors where Woodside Baptist Church normally meets we will post a devotion here, on our website, and on our Facebook page each Wednesday. Also, each Sunday at 10:30am, we will post a sermon and some links to music to listen also, so we can worship together even though we are apart.

Please know I am praying for you. I look forward to when we can assemble together again. If you are visiting with us online, I hope you will visit us in person when this crisis is over. We want all to stay safe and remain healthy, so we can’t give the date we will return to our ministry facilities. Until that time, may we all remain faithful in our worship, in our stewardship, and in our service to Him.


Pastor Jimmy